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Warriors of the



Hello and welcome to Warriors of the Clans! I, Kite, Storm and Bark all had the idea for the site and made it a reality!

We are a fun roleplaying site which involves everyone and anyone. Please remember to read the rules below and sign up your cat so we can add them to the allegiance pages!

Please have fun, bye!



1) DO NOT BULLY! Any way of bullying will not be tolerated, such as; name calling, making fun of someone, swearing etc.

2) Homosexual cats are allowed here! If you do not like this kind of thing, do not join.

3) Leaders and medicine cats will choose their successors, do not ask them!

4) Please respect the staff, we built and manage this site. So please don't be rude.

5) Queens are only allowed 3 kits, so they all get roleplayed fairly.

6) No power-playing! For example; "Stormclaw attacked Redwing, killing him as he tore out his throat."

7) No Mary-sues! This basically means your cat can't be all perfect and all knowing. Everyone has strengths and faults.

8) Please make your cat as realistic as possible. No unnatural coloured pelts, or twoleg-like names, no magic powers.

9) Hate the character, not the roleplayer! It isn't fair to the person who is trying to enjoy themselves.

10) All High Ranks must be active, or your rank will be taken away from you. If you are no holiday, or something else is happening, please message staff.

11) Admins and moderators; Do not delete other people's posts in the forums.  This is also goes for creating your topics, do not do it! Unless it is planned.

12) Respect all your fellow roleplayers!

13) NO SWEARING! This is a child friendly site.

14) Do not ask to be an admin or moderator.

15) Have fun, respect the site and enjoy!

More rules will be added in future, so make sure to read them often! ~ The Staff


Please check here regularly to see new updates! Posts in bold are new. If you miss anything, it is not the staff's fault!

Cometstar has been granted his nine lives and is now leader of Thunderclan!

Skysong has achieved her full medicine cat status!

Please take any chance you can to advertise our site (without getting in trouble of course!) and try to be as active as possible.

Gathering & MC meeting

Gatherings will resume when all highranks are active again.

Next Clan Gathering: Coming soon!

Next MC meeting: Coming soon!

Here is a live GMT Time clock to compare your own time to:


It is essential that clan leaders and medicine cats make sure they can attend the gatherings and attend it on time. If you can't, please notify an admin and, in the case of a leader not able to make a full clan gathering, pass on your reports to a clan representative.

The Weather:

Leaf-fall is coming to a close and the clans are feeling the first nip of leaf-bare. Only a few of Thunderclan's trees bear now brown leaves, most of the branches bare. Leaf-mould litters the ground, and only a few herbs are still in bloom. There is little cover left for hunting cats and prey have begun to retreat into their burrows. The waters of Riverclan are still teaming with fish, although the water is now very cold and the marshlands boggy - the clan will need to keep an eye on the threat of greencough. Shadowclan are faring best out of the clans, their pine forest preventing the worst of the frost from reaching the wildlife, and the thick carpet of needles offering some warmth for prey. Windclan aren't doing so bad either - their ability to hunt rabbits from their warm burrows means that, although there is an element of danger, the warriors are finding enough food. However the lack of shelter means that the clans kits are going to have to be careful and stay in their dens. Exposure can kill as easily as a claw.

The Clans


Leader - Cometstar

Deputy - None, Cometstar will choose in his own time

Medicine Cat - Skysong

Medicine Cat apprentice - Closed



Leader - Amberstar

Deputy - Redwing

Medicine Cat - Softbreeze

Medicine Cat apprentice - None, Softbreeze will choose in her own time



Leader - Closed

Deputy - Rosedust

Medicine Cat - Duskwing

Medicine Cat Apprentice - Closed



Leader - Duskstar

Deputy - Wolfclaw

Medicine Cat - Closed

Medicine Cat apprentice - Swiftpaw